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Garden Suburb Infant School

Nowruz Mubarak!

Nowruz is the celebration of the Persian New Year, and we celebrated with a special assembly where we learnt all about the Haft-Seen Table.

Nowruz is the celebration of the Persian New Year. Persia is the old name for Iran. Just like we begin a new year on the 1st day of January, Iranians begin the New Year, on the first day of Spring, at the exact time it begins. This year Spring begins on the 20th of March at 03:33:26 pm. Nowruz is a holiday in Iran and many countries around the world.

Families set a Nowruz table called Haft-Seen. A colourfull table includes seven natural organic items whose names begin with the letter S,  which is ‘seen’ in Farsi or Iranian language. ‘Seen’ symbolizes a yearning, something you wish. In Farsi this is called Haft-Seen, which means seven S’s.
You can learn a little about the festival in the Powerpoint, below, and see more photos in the gallery HERE.