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Garden Suburb Infant School


Our children are making great progress in the writing and their art! 

In Reception, the children danced like fireworks, with ribbons, pom poms and streamers! They made the noises of the fireworks as they danced! They then used paint, chalk and glitter to make beautiful firework pictures, and used their phonic knowledge to have a go at writing some of the firework sounds: "Pop!" "Bang!" "Crackle!".

In Year Two, the children watched a film of a firework display and listened to some music. They made lots of different marks with chalk pastels, to show the shapes that fireworks make and how they move. They then wrote poems, using similes and onomatopoeia to describe the movement and sounds of the fireworks. They have been working on editing their work, to make improvements, and some of them are practising joining their handwriting; it's quite tricky!

Click here to take a look at our gallery, to see some of the children's writing and art work. We are sure you will agree, the children in Reception are making a great start with writing, and the Year Two children are blossoming into fantastic poets!