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Garden Suburb Infant School

Animal Art and Design Project

This term, the children have been taking part in a whole school animal project.

In Year 2, the children:

  • Drew animals from different viewpoints using realistic animal models
  • Made collages of animals in a scene
  • Created animals out of air-drying clay
  • Drew how they made their models.

They learnt how to make fantastic, characterful animals out of clay, by:

  • Rolling, pulling and pushing the clay; joining pieces of clay and making marks into the surface of the clay.
  • Adding a glaze to their models to make them shiny.

The children also watched a video of the artist Augusta Savage, creating an antelope out of clay (You can find the video, and read about Augusta Savage, by clicking HERE)

You can see the galleries of the children's collages HERE

You can see their clay work, and the sketches they made before and after, HERE