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Garden Suburb Infant School

Spirit of the Wild Animal Workshops

We were delighted to welcome Ben and the animals from "Spirit of the Wild" this week!

The children were all enthralled by the different animals they saw and learnt so much – Reception Year had their first introduction to the animal world, Year One learnt about the different classifications of animals and Year Two learnt about the adaptations of animals to help them strive and thrive.

The animals we met included frogs and toods, snakes, a centipede and a giant Mexican spider (not to be confused with a tarantula!) along with our furrier friends – a Siberian husky called Ice, meerkats, a fruit bat and a skunk. We also had the opportunity to meet a barn owl – who comes most years and loves showing off his silent flight.

You can see some pictures in our gallery HERE.

You can visit the Spirit of the Wild website here: