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Garden Suburb Infant School

It's Maths Week!

We will be finding the maths in everything we do for the week - Maths is everywhere! 

The children had a launch assembly to discuss how much Maths they do on a daily basis - 

  • Telling the time 
  • Measuring their food 
  • Choosing the patterns on the clothes that they wear 
  • Taking the bus 
  • Paying for the bus.... 

Throughout the week they will be looking for the Maths in all their subjects including reading Maths Fiction Books and creating Art with Maths.

We have also had a whole-school maths and art project! We explored hexagons....

  • What is a hexagon?
  • What is the difference between a regular and an irregular hexagon?
  • What is a tessellation?

We explored adding colours, shapes and patterns to hexagons and we worked together to create an exciting and vibrant tessellation. The children and the grown-ups all joined in!

Can you estimate how many hexagons there are?

Can you estimate how many triangles there are?