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Garden Suburb Infant School

A Visit from Kamek the Tortoise!

Oliver brought Kamek the tortoise to school today to visit Yellow Class!

The Year One classes are learning all about animals this term, and we are having lots of visits from pets and learning how to care for them.

This week is also "Maths Week", and as luck would have it, our visitor today had beautiful tessellating hexagons all over his shell! This is Kamek the tortoise.

The children in Yellow Class used the cubes to compare how much he had grown since Oliver's family first got him. Can you see how long he was then, compared to how long he is now? How much has he grown? How many cubes longer is he?

Tortoises can live a VERY long time - around 100 years or even more! Kamek is likely to grow into a VERY big tortoise! 

Tortoises move slowly, carrying their heavy shells on their backs, but Kamek moved surprisingly fast when he was heading for a strawberry! Kamek loves strawberries!