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Garden Suburb Infant School

Our Nowruz Assembly - Celebrating Iranian New Year.

We celebrated "Nowruz" - the Iranian New Year, in our assembly today!

Thank you to the  parents who were able to join us for our Nowruz Assembly - marking the Iranian New Year which starts on the 20th of March.

This is a lovely spring festival, starting at the exact time that spring begins.

Nrs Behboodi set up a very colourful "Haft-Seen" table, which includes seven natural, organic items whose names begin with the letter S. "Seen" symbolises a yearning, or a wish, and the seven items on the table are:
- "Seeb", meaning apple, which symbolises health
- "Serkeh", meaning vinegar, which is a symbol of wisdom and patience.
- "Seer", meaning garlic, which symbolises medicine.
- "Somaq", which is a spice that symbolises sunrise and sunshine
- "Sabzeh", which are growing lentil or wheat shoots symbolising a good harvest
- "Seek" - meaning gold coins, symbolising wealth
- "Sensed", which is a dried fruit symbolising love.

There are some other items on the table too: Gold fish, which symbolise water and life; Coloured eggs to symbolise new life and fertility, and candles to symbolise fire.

The characters on the table are Amu Nowruz, or "Uncle Nowruz", who symbolises spring, and Nane Sarma, or "Grandma Frost", who symbolises winter. They love each other, but they never meet!

We also learnt about how our families will be celebrating. 

Nowruz Mubarak to all our families who will be celebrating!