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Garden Suburb Infant School

Great Fire of London Workshop

The Year Two children had an amazing day, taking part in a workshop through "History Off the Page", about The Great Fire of London.

The children were transported back to London in 1666 where rampant growth had resulted in closely built timber-frame buildings crowded within the ancient city walls. Then a fire started to burn in a Pudding Lane bakery.

The children started the morning by becoming apprentices on the streets of London, learning skills common for workers of the era: leather working, metal working, sewing, etc.

As the children learnt their trades, the fire spread. With the flames drawing closer, the children took action to stop it, including forming fire lines and tearing down local buildings. 

In the afternoon, the children excavated what was left of the charred city, looking for personal belongings and important legal documents that could help the city start the process of rebuilding.

The children learnt important skills as part of the history curriculum, such as using different sources as evidence for events that happened in the past.

Several children said “This is the best day ever!!!”