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Garden Suburb Infant School

Year 2 Scooter Safety Sessions

Year Two have greatly enjoyed the scooter training that took place this week.

Orson and Keith from For2Feet taught the children in the playground and then took them out to the local area to put their learning into practise.

The children learnt:

  • How to stop: use the scooters break
  • How to stop in an emergency (or if the break fails): stamp foot on the ground
  • Always ride your scooter on the pavement (never the kerb or road) “when the pavement stops, we stop”
  • Always walk a scooter across a road by holding the scooter on the ground and keeping both feet to one side
  • Be polite: say “excuse me, please can I get past”
  • Be extra careful of drive ways: look out for the white break lights, the engine running or people in the car. Remember, the driver may not be able to see a child on a scooter through a rear car window.
  • Finally, scooting is a fantastic and active way to travel to school!

CLICK HERE for some photographs of the sessions!