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Garden Suburb Infant School

The Olympics come to Garden Suburb Infant School

This week the children have been inspired to develop their gymnastic and acrobatic skills as we welcomed three very special visitors to our school - as well as a very special historical artefact!

What a week we have had on our Olympic Theme!

On Monday morning we welcomed Jenna Walters, a former member of the English Gymnastics Squad. She gave us an amazing display of her gymnastic skills, demonstrating her moves and talking to the children about what it takes to be a world class gymnast. She really inspired the children who are now practising forward rolls and cartwheels enthusiastically. Please visit our Photo Gallery to see some pictures!

Year Two have built on this with their workshops with Jessie Saunders and Merijke Vermeir where they have been working not only on fun acrobatic skills but also learning the importance of trust and friendship as they rely on one another to do such things as build mini human pyramids!

And finally this week we have had the enormous privilege of having in school one of the few Olympic Torches from the 1948 London Olympics. We were able to both see and hold it which was a truly exciting and memorable experience, giving us all the opportunity to be ‘Olympic Torch Bearers’.