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Garden Suburb Infant School

Take One Picture

This term the whole school is once again participating in the "Take One Picture" project with The National Gallery. The painting that has been chosen as our theme is "Bathers at Asnieres" by Georges Seurat.

The children in each year group looked carefully at the picture and focused in on the themes and ideas that really interested them. They have been thinking about the characters in the painting; What might they be thinking? What will they do next? They have also been thinking about what might be happening 'outside' of the painting.

Watch this space to see some of the work that arises from our topic - such as the wonderful version of the painting on this page created by Gabrielle in one of our Reception classes. Gabrielle is four years old and created this, partly from memory and then by looking at a copy of the painting, on the computer using a graphics programme.

The children in years one and two have all visited The National Gallery to see 'our' painting! If you can't get there yourself, why not visit The National Gallery website to see the painting and find out a little about it.