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Garden Suburb Infant School

Assemblies & Special Celebrations

There are regular occasions throughout the week and the school year when we join together as a whole school.  Parents are invited to join us on these occasions.

Birthday assembly: This is usually held on Tuesday of each week and involves the children who celebrate their birthdays that week (Sunday – Saturday).  Children who have birthdays during the holiday period do not miss out, as we always include extra assemblies at the end of each term.

Please do not bring in any birthday ‘treats’ but if you would like to mark the event we have a selection of books which you can purchase for the classroom. Please bring your child to see Mrs Freeman or Ms Gonzales after school so they can choose.

Certificate assembly: This is a weekly event for Years One and Two.  It is held on Friday and celebrates the achievements of individual children throughout the school.  Classes generally decide upon who will get the certificate each week and it is usually for something very specific or for something that a child has been working hard to achieve.  Over the year each child will receive at least one certificate.

Religious Assemblies We like to celebrate the major religious festivals which are appropriate to our school community.  Over the year we celebrate:-

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas; Easter
  • Rosh Hashanah; Hannukah; Passover
  • Diwali
  • Eid el Fitur

Parents can take photographs of their children who are taking part in these assemblies but it is vital that all parents have signed the Acceptable Use Agreement and  agree that any photographs or videos taken will not be used inappropriately, e.g. on social networking sites.

If taking photos/videos please do so discretely and with consideration for other users of the space.