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Garden Suburb Infant School

Covid Spring Term (2021) Vouchers - National Voucher Scheme

During the lockdown of Spring 2021 we will be issuing vouchers to our parents who are entitled to Free School Meals if they are not in school as those attending continue to receive a free lunch provided on site by our catering team.

For the period 5th to 18th January 2021 the school issued vouchers through to ensure our parents were provided for prior to the national scheme going live. For further details of the process please look at the "Covid Winter Fund Scheme December 2020" on the Free School Meals page.

From the 18th January 2021, the school will be using the National Voucher Scheme from the Department of Education to issue vouchers to our eligible parents until Friday 5th March 2021, except for during the February half term break when vouchers will be issued through as this is paid for through the Covid Winter Fund Scheme issued by Barnet Local Authority.



WHAT WILL FAMILIES RECEIVE?: Children who are attending the Key Worker Provision in our school will not receive a voucher unless they are attending part time, in which case they will receive a part voucher for the days they are not in school.

All other children will receive £15 per week as an eCode which can be redeemed for a voucher for a supermarket of choice. 

The eCodes will be issued each fortnight in weeks beginning 18th January, 1st February and a final set in week beginning 22nd February to cover the fortnight prior to the school reopening on Monday 8th March 2021.

HOW TO REDEEM THE eCODE: Please click HERE for a step by step guide of how to redeem your eCode for a supermarket voucher and how to use it in store. 

A copy of the guidance is also attached below.