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Garden Suburb Infant School

Governing Body Structure 2020 - 2021

Frequency of meetings

The governing Body meets six times per academic year, once every half-Term.



As per the Instrument of Government, Garden Suburb Infant & Junior Schools Governing Body has 18 governors.

From July 2016, the GB composition is as follows:

Two Parent Governors, one per school, elected by the Parent community;

One local Authority governor;

One Staff governor representing both schools;

Two Head Teachers, one per school;

Twelve co-opted governor places, including two co-opted governor places for teachers (one per school) and four co-opted governor places reserved for parents (two per school).

Governors have a four year term.


Committee Structure & Terms of reference Summary

To fulfil our responsibilities we have an efficient Committee structure made of five committees. Committees are composed of 4 to 6 Non-staff governors, the two Head Teachers and relevant staff.

Committee membership and Terms of Reference are ratified by the Governing Body every year.

Committees meet once per term. The Finance committee has two meetings in the Spring term.

All committees have more responsibilities then the ones outlined below. Those are detailed in the Committees Terms of Reference.

All committees are responsible for reviewing all relevant policy and ensuring that all statutory requirements are fully met as per their Terms of Reference.



The main role of the Curriculum committee is to ensure that the quality of Teaching & Learning directly impacts on the progress of all pupils so that achieve their full potential. The committee achieves this by setting attainment targets with the Head Teachers, scrutinising the schools Improvement plans and analysing the schools’ performance against local and national attainment levels.


The main role of the Finance committee is to ensure that both schools manage their finance wisely and effectively. To do this, the committee will review and set the schools’ budgets, ensure that systems of controls are in place and contribute to long term financial planning.


The main role of the Premises committee is to support the Head Teachers in maintaining and improving both the buildings and grounds. It is responsible for drawing any improvement plan necessary. The committee is also responsible for Health & Safety as well as the physical security of staff, pupils and visitors.


The main role of the Pupils' Wellbeing & Inclusion committee is to support the Head Teachers in delivering the best inclusive education to disadvantaged children, children with SEND, EAL and all vulnerable children. The committee reviews progress on the relevant sections of the schools Improvement Plans, ensures that both schools fulfill their Safeguarding responsibilities and deliver a broad curriculum that includes the fundamental British Values. 

Finally, the committee ensures that the schools’ provision enhances pupils’ social, physical and emotional wellbeing.



The main role of the Staffing committee is to ensure that both schools have effective staffing structures, a safe and fair recruitment process, good staff working conditions and professional development.  Governors participate to the recruitment and appointment process of teaching staff. They are also responsible for the appraisal of the Head Teachers and Pay determination.

Named Governors

From 2016 – 2017, we are changing the roles and structure of our Named Governors so that they can better familiarise themselves with how the schools perform at year group/classroom level. This will enable Governors to further develop their understanding of how both schools perform and improve our support where necessary.

The Named Governors also have Terms of Reference, reviewed each year.