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Garden Suburb Infant School

Home Learning

On this page you will find the home learning for each year group - just look at the menu and the right and click on your year group page.

Well done to everyone who is managing to log on and upload to Tapestry. Please let us know if you are having difficulties.


WHOLE SCHOOL PROJECT - JOURNEY BY AARON BECKER (A WORDLESS PICTURE BOOK): This term we will doing a whole school project around the wordless picture book, “Journey” by Aaron Becker. The beauty of wordless books are that children automatically become “storytellers” as they rely on the illustrations to interpret and “read” the story. It's likely that each storyteller will interpret the story differently, so we may end up reading one story with lots of versions, this includes retelling the story in your own language! So get ready to let those imaginations run wild! 

There is an interesting article for parents on Scholastic about reading books with no words. Here is the link to the article if you’d like to read it

We cannot underestimate the benefits of engaging with wordless pictures books. It is a powerful tool in development of literacy skills and provides the opportunity for children to:  

  • Broaden their vocabulary by naming and describing what they can see 
  • Predict what will happen next using picture clues 
  • Explain the actions of a character 
  • Share their views and opinions 
  • Make inferences and reason why things may happen   
  • Know how stories are structured 
  • Become confident story tellers and use story language 
  • And, most importantly, develop a love of reading  

You will notice our home learning tasks will relate to the story "Journey" over the next few weeks. Here is a video link of the story:


So are you ready to dive into our “whole school journey”? we look forward to seeing all the lovely work across the year groups linked to the book on tapestry!


Our policy for learning at home is called our "Remote Education Policy". Click on the document below to read our policy: