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Garden Suburb Infant School


Children who are able to listen actively, organise themselves and work or play independently are more likely to achieve their academic potential and access the richness of all aspects of school life.

 Why is independence so important?

It builds confidence to learn. When children gain the chance to do things on their own, they are most likely to learn things efficiently. This is because they get to learn through trial and error.
Through making mistakes, children learn that there are consequences accounted to every action.

It boosts self-esteem.  Children feel self worth and pride whenever they accomplish things on their own. They become more confident in facing challenges, which is important in preparing them for real life trials and benefits their social development.

It gives them a voice. Children are given the chance to make choices to develop their emotional maturity, they have to learn how to decide on their own.

 Schools Expectations

Is your child School Ready? Use the list below to help you and your child prepare for school...

* Remember - learning is not a competition, children learn at different rates. Please come and speak to your child's class teacher or our SENDCO for more ideas to help prepare your child for school