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Garden Suburb Infant School

Our Approach to Behaviour Management

We believe that children in our school behave extremely well and that our approach to developing and sustaining good behaviour is very effective.
However we know that there will be times when this is not so and on these occasions we use the range of strategies and sanctions as set out in our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy.
There may be very rare occasions when serious inappropriate behaviour or ‘bullying’ occurs. This might be identified through staff observation; by children themselves or by parents. In these circumstances we will
  • Listen to the detail of the complaint seeking clarification of when, where and frequency and ensure that the class teacher is informed. which will in liaison with the class teacher determine action and strategies. The Head Teacher will be kept informed.
  • Refer to the Inclusion team
  • Meet with parents of the children involved to discuss the action proposed to address the situation i.e. mediation for children, assertiveness and confidence building activities, behaviour log and home school books.
  • Keep a written record of all further meetings.
  • Put in place the strategies and sanctions agreed, observe and monitor closely their effectiveness.
  • Ensure that adults in school who deal with the children are aware of the actions to be taken.
  • Where considered appropriate we may involve external professionals to support our interventions.
We will always treat complaints seriously and investigate thoroughly
Our "Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy" can be found on our Policies page HERE.