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Garden Suburb Infant School


Phonics teaching

Learning the sounds of the alphabet or ‘phonics’ is one of the important early reading skills.  Children in our school follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme and have daily whole class lessons focussing on groups of letters and sounds which is then reinforced in other areas of the curriculum.

Voiced and unvoiced letters

Some letter sounds require using your voice and some just require breath and movement of the lips/mouth.

 Voiced sounds/letters

These are the sounds where you actually use your voice

  a   b   e  g  i    j   l    m    n,    o   q    r    u   v   w     y     z

When teaching your child letter sounds (Phonemes), it is very important that you avoid emphasising the schwa ('uh' sound) sound on to the end of consonant sounds i.e,

Say: mmm - not muh for the letter m

       ffff - not fuh for the letter f

This takes some practice but if your child learns to pronounce the sounds as “pure sounds”, they will find it easier later to put them together to make a word.


Unvoiced sounds/letters

 c   f     h    p    s    t    x

The videos on these pages will help you to learn the sound (phoneme) that is made by each letter or group of letters (grapheme).

Click on the letters on the right hand side and then click on the video.

Listen carefully to the sound and try to copy the actions too (that will help you remember the sound). Look at the picture on the board in the video - it will explain the action and sound.


Useful websites: (for games and resources) (For further information, games and resources)