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Garden Suburb Infant School

Raising a concern

Talk to your class teacher if you have a concern about any aspect of school life. We cannot resolve problems that we are not aware of, so please do not hesitate to bring issues to our attention. Your child's class teacher is usually available at the end of each school day. This is an opportunity to pass on information or to make an appointment for a more substantial discussion.

If you feel that your concern has not been addressed satisfactorily and you wish to take it further, you should speak to the Headteacher. The Headteacher is often in the playground at the end of each day, or you may telephone the school office to make an appointment.

If you feel that your concern has still not been resolved, you may submit a formal complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint, it will be investigated by either the Headteacher or the Governing Body's Complaints Panel. Please read the Complaints Procedure for a comprehensive explanation of the process. Complaint forms are available from the school office.

There are opportunities to appeal the outcome of a formal complaint and you would be notified of these as the process progresses.