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Garden Suburb Infant School

Reading Resources and Understanding "Book Bands"



At school we use a colour banded book system to ensure the books children read match and support their growing reading ability.


Early readers start with Pink band books and work their way up to white/lime banded books and beyond. If parents would like to follow the same system at home with their child, click on this link for a chart showing the different bands:

Oxford Owl Book Bands 


If you are not sure what colour band your child is currently reading, then please get in contact with your child’s class teacher on Tapestry. 


It is important to note that every child’s reading journey will be different, so don’t worry if your child is on a different band to others in class, this is very common. For some children, it may take longer to secure phonic sounds and grasp the concept of segmenting (separating letter-sounds in a word, like m-i-l-k) and blending them together (milk) to read.


Within the colour band, we also expect children to demonstrate an understanding of what they have read (comprehension skills) by answering simple questions about the text.





Colour Banded Schemes include Phonics Bugs, Reading Champions, Oxford Reading Tree, Songbirds, Project X, Star Reading Books.





"Reading for pleasure isn't different from learning to read" (Pam Allyn). Studies show if children develop a love of books, then they are more likely become confident readers. You can help you children by spending a bit of time each day sharing a story and talking about books. We have attached a "Book Chat" poster to suggest ways to do this and if you are looking for a new book pitched at your child’s age group, then have a look at the following websites:  


Book Trust - Book Finder


Books for Reception Children


Books for Year One Children


Books for Year Two Children



Confident readers may want to have a look at the "reading tube map" (below) which recommends books with a similar theme.


BOOK OF THE WEEK: Building on reading for pleasure and sharing stories, The Oak Academy release a free e-book each week. (such as "The Girl who Stole an Elephant" by Nizrana Farook). Click on the link below:


Oak Academy Book of the Week