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Garden Suburb Infant School

School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Priorities for this Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Each year we, as a school look at what we do well and what we need to develop or improve upon. This is called our ‘School Improvement Plan’ and it is written in October.

During the current school year, we have identified the following areas as a focus for school improvement:

Effective Leadership, Quality First Teaching and a broad and progressive wider curriculum, enable all children to make at least good progress.

Area 1

  • To ensure Quality First Teaching with precise planning and teaching, using assessment information effectively to maintain and build on the improved outcomes we achieved in 2017-18.

Area 2

  • To further enhance the wider curriculum, ensuring that there is clear progression in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the foundation subjects, Science and PSHE.

Area 3

  • To ensure that all children are safe, resilient and highly engaged in learning and contributing fully to the life of the school.

Area 4

  • To ensure that capital resources and facilities are fully developed to enhance the learning environment, support Quality First Teaching and promote healthy lifestyles.