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Garden Suburb Infant School

School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Priorities for this Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Each year we, as a school look at what we do well and what we need to develop or improve upon. This is called our ‘School Improvement Plan’ and it is written in October.

During the current school year, we have identified the following areas as a focus for school improvement:


Target 1: There will be high quality teaching in school, of a broad curriculum. This will include a range of assessment for learning strategies, enabling staff to understand what pupils have (or have not) learned, to identify which groups and individuals need targeted support.

Success Criteria:

  1. There will be evidence of a broad and balanced curriculum in planning, recorded outcomes (including Tapestry), the school environment and on the school website.
  2. The “Little Wandle - Letters and Sounds” programme has been fully implemented and resourced, enabling all children to read confidently for meaning and regularly enjoy reading for pleasure, equipped with the tools to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary.
  3. The new requirements of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum will be in place, including staff training on the principles and practice, ensuring the environment that we provide and the interactions staff have with the children provide the best opportunities for the children to demonstrate challenging skills in areas that interest them.
  4. Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are prioritised within a broad curriculum.
  5. Maths Mastery – To ensure our children develop solid number sense, including fluency and flexibility with number facts, which will have a lasting impact on future learning for all children.
  6. Interventions, including “Keep up” programmes and parental support, are fully utilised to maximise learning across the curriculum.


Target 2: Ensure that the non-academic barriers to success are targeted to maximise learning opportunities for all pupils.

Success Criteria:

  1. The social and emotional needs and the behaviour for learning of the pupils will be supported, and their attendance will be good.
  2. The levels of physical activity in our children will be increased, and children will know how to eat healthily and are enabled to make healthy choices


Target 3: To ensure that leadership and management, post Covid-19, creates a school leadership climate that is conducive to sustainable implementation of high quality teaching and learning.

Success Criteria:

  1. To have good quality Continuing Professional development at all levels, within a school ethos that prioritises this.
  2. To ensure the financial viability of our school, through a marketing programme to boost pupil numbers to pre-pandemic/BREXIT levels.