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Garden Suburb Infant School

School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Priorities for this Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Each year we, as a school look at what we do well and what we need to develop or improve upon. This is called our ‘School Improvement Plan’ and it is written in October.

During the current school year, we have identified the following areas as a focus for school improvement:

        The Quality of Education

To enable our children to achieve highly across a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning.

To challenge all children in maths and deepen their mathematical understanding, raising attainment for the girls and for pupils identified as disadvantaged

Behaviour and Attitudes

To ensure that we quickly pick up on children who struggle with self-control/positive attitudes and take intelligent, fair and effective action to support them to succeed in their education.

Personal Development

To ensure that children know how to eat healthily, develop self-help skills and self-confidence and keep physically and mentally healthy, with an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships.

Leadership and Management

Ensure the leadership team prioritise staff workload and well-being with any new initiative and challenge existing ways of working.

Early Years Foundation Stage

To increase the percentage of children attaining a Good Level of Development, with increased progress in relation to their starting points.

To identify children with the potential to exceed expectations in writing and ensure teaching addresses the skills they will need.