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Garden Suburb Infant School

School Travel Plan News

'We are pleased to inform you that Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that your school has achieved 2019 Gold STARS (Sustainable Travel; Active, Responsible, Safe) accreditation. This is in recognition of all of the wonderful work you and your school has completed as part of your School Travel Plan to encourage safer and more sustainable travel and reduce car use.'


School Street Scheme | Restricted Access to Childs Way at Drop Off and Pick Up Times - September 2020

Restricted Access to Childs Way at Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Barnet Council is pleased to confirm that a temporary School Street scheme is being introduced to Garden Suburb Infant and Junior School with a launch date of Monday 7th September 2020.  This letter provides detailed information about what the scheme is, how it will operate, and answers to frequently asked questions.

What is a School Street?

A School Street is a timed road closure at the beginning and the end of the school day enforced by physical barriers or cameras, designed to improve safety for the children and parents using the school.  This is an essential part of the council’s work to assist a full return to school, aid social distancing, support walking and cycling and protect people from an increase in traffic levels as lockdown eases.

How will the scheme work and what are the operating times?

Childs Way will be a Pedestrian and Cycle Zone between 8.30- 9:30am and 2.45-3.45pm during school drop off and pick up times. The School Street will not operate on weekends or during school holidays. Signage will be erected at the entrance points, informing drivers of the restrictions.

How will the scheme be enforced? 

A Traffic Management Order will legally close the road to vehicles during the School Streets operating times, and make it a traffic offence for non-exempt vehicles to enter the zone during these times.  An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera will be installed to enforce restrictions.  Vehicles driven by residents living outside of the School Streets closure zone, friends, tradespeople or deliveries and school staff will not be legally permitted to enter the street during the times it is closed to other traffic and may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice which will be received by post.  Pedestrian and Cycle Zone signs as well as CCTV signs will be installed at Childs Way entry/ exit point. 

Residents of Childs Way, The Pantiles and Crispin Mews who require access can register vehicles which they keep at their residence to be allowed access during the controlled hours free of charge.  

How long will the scheme last? 

The temporary School Street restrictions will be in place for a six month period, at which point it will be reviewed. The scheme could then potentially be removed or made permanent after this review.

Which vehicles will be exempt from the scheme? 

Residents and carers (who apply for exemption) and emergency services are exempt from restrictions. 


Safe travel during COVID-19

Travelling while social distancing – important reminders:

One parent/ carer should do the school run, and should avoid mingling at the school gates. The safest and healthiest way to travel is outdoors: on foot, by bike or scooter. When travelling and dropping off/picking up, try to keep 2m away from other people. Everyone should consider all other forms of transport before using public transport. If public transport is unavoidable, as well as keeping your hands and face as clean as possible you might choose to wear a non-medical face covering. As of June 15th wearing face coverings is now mandatory on all public transport.    

Consider walking and cycling if you can:

Walking and cycling will reduce pressure on the public transport system and the road network. Many families have been enjoying walking, running, scooting and cycling as part of their daily exercise. It’s a great opportunity to keep this going when schools go back. Many of us have experienced how we can maintain distance from others while travelling actively, including making use of the quieter roads.