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Garden Suburb Infant School

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information and Inclusion

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive school. We value and celebrate the rich diversity of our school community and make every effort to enable children, parents and staff alike to participate fully in the life of the School.

We do this by having:-

  • A positive and supportive ethos where individuals are valued and their successes celebrated.

  • An appropriate, practical curriculum which caters for the needs of all pupils including those identified with Special Educational Needs and Disability(SEND) and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

  • A programme of effective interventions, to provide additional support in academic, social, language and physical skills.

  • Close, co-operative relationships with parents, encouraging them to use their skills in class or to help in some other way.

  • A proactive and constructive approach to behaviour (our "Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy" can be found on our policies page HERE).

  • A rigorous approach to Attendance and Punctuality at school (Our "Attendance and Punctuality Policy" can be found on our policies page HERE).

  • Assemblies to celebrate significant religious festivals.


Our most recent "SEND Policy" and "Accessibility Plan" can be found on our policies page HERE

We are currently reviewing our SEND Policy, and this is due to be ratified by the Governing Body in February 2022. The revised policy is below. Comments or questions can be sent to