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Garden Suburb Infant School

Special Educational Needs and Disability - Our Intent and Implementation

We believe that the journey through school life should be enjoyable, memorable and valuable. We strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all, that is inclusive and engaging so that regardless of need, individuals thrive and achieve their potential.

We do this by having:

  • A positive and supportive ethos where individuals are valued and their successes celebrated.

  • An appropriate, practical curriculum which caters for the needs of all pupils including those identified with Special Educational Needs and Disability(SEND) and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

  • A programme of effective interventions, to provide additional support in academic, social, language and physical skills.

  • Close, co-operative relationships with parents, encouraging them to use their skills in class or to help in some other way.

  • A proactive and constructive approach to behaviour (our "Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy" can be found on our policies page HERE).

  • A rigorous approach to Attendance and Punctuality at school (Our "Attendance and Punctuality Policy" can be found on our policies page HERE).

  • Assemblies to celebrate significant religious festivals.


Our most recent "SEND Policy" and "Accessibility Plan" can be found on our policies page HERE