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Garden Suburb Infant School

Starting School

This a very special time for children and parents. The introduction to school life for our children is a gradual process, with great emphasis placed on a happy and secure experience for each child. Some children require more time than others to settle in, and both school and home must work together in supporting their differing needs.

Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, we are continuing to do things a little differently. We have already held a "Zoom" introductory meeting for each class, and many of the parents have been on individual tours. We will be holding a series of preliminary visits to enable the children to become familiar with the school, staff and classroom; these will take place in early September. 

All the information and forms have been sent electronically, via Parentmail, and home visits will take place online.

The Home Visit is a valuable opportunity to meet your child's teacher in the relaxed setting of your own home and to discuss your child in some detail. It also enables your child to meet their teacher in a familiar place and really supports their transition to school. We strongly urge all parents to take up this offer!

Initially, all children attend for the morning session only; they gradually extend their day/s as their confidence and stamina grow, until they attend full-time. Pacing your child’s introduction to school to their individual needs will have long-term benefits.

Children who start with us mid-year also follow a gradual induction; Parents are offered a home visit, children then come in for a story with their new class (an informal introduction to their new classroom and classmates), and then start for mornings only until they are ready to extend the day. The older the child, the quicker they tend to settle in, but each child is different and so it is decided on an individual basis by the class teacher who liaises closely with parents.

When children start they are all given an individual induction timetable, a copy of the Parent Handbook as well as various forms to be completed. The booklet should be kept for information throughout their time in our school, however all the information held is also on this website.

Children start school with varied experiences and skills. We need to establish a basis on which to develop their emotional, social, physical and intellectual abilities. During the first few weeks of school children will be involved in activities which will help determine the appropriate educational provision for each child at this stage of their development.

Supporting your child in becoming independent is a key factor in helping them to feel safe, happy and ready to learn when they start school. Click on the video and the following link below, for some hints to support you.

To view our Induction and Transition Policy please visit our Policies page found in the 'About Us' tab.