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Garden Suburb Infant School

What We Do

role of the governing body 

Governors do not run or manage schools. The Head Teachers have professional and overall responsibility for managing their schools and delivering the best education possible to our children.

The Governing Body has a strategic role. We are responsible for ensuring the schools operate effectively. We support the Head Teachers and Leadership teams in providing a consistently good to outstanding quality of Teaching & Learning.

The Governing Body is also responsible for ensuring that

  • The schools provide a safe and caring environment to all our pupils and foster their Wellbeing;
  • The schools provide a good to outstanding provision to all disadvantage children and children with SEN;
  • All statutory requirements are met;
  • The budget is used wisely and effectively and that robust financial controls are in place;
  • Recruitment is fair and attracts the best quality teachers possible;
  • Members of Staff are able to work and develop in a professional and caring environment and that all our statutory responsibilities are fulfilled;
  • The schools premises & grounds are looked after, safe and welcoming. 

Junior & Infant schools Ethos & Vision 

Governors endorse and actively support the schools Ethos and Vision.

We encourage children to be curious about the world and to have a positive attitude to learning.

Our vision is to cultivate excellence and enjoyment in teaching and learning within a safe, stimulating and caring environment, where the achievements of all children are celebrated.

We aim to enable all pupils to strive and develop inclusive values, independence, and a high level of education that will prepare them for a meaningful and successful life in the future.

We develop core qualities such as respect for others, resilience, high aspiration for themselves and others.

We are proud of our socially and culturally diverse community and celebrate that diversity throughout the school day and our broad curriculum.

We aim to work closely with all Parent/Carers to support them with the development and education of their children and respond effectively to any of their concerns. We also highly value their involvement in our schools’ activities. 

The Governing Body, schools Head Teachers, Senior Leadership Teams and staff work together to ensure that our values and priorities are adhered to, that nobody is discriminated against and to uphold our duty of care and safeguarding.

Our Core Strategic Priorities 

  1. To further develop effective governance & support to the Head Teachers, schools Senior Management Teams and the schools staff;
  2. To offer an environment where children fulfil their potential, feel safe, respected and highly valued as individual.
  3. To offer a broad curriculum focussing on the whole development of the child and ensure that all pupils make or exceed expected progress;
  4. To ensure that the schools fulfil their inclusive ethos by delivering the best approach and interventions to all disadvantaged children;
  5. To continuously strengthen the quality of Teaching & Learning in order to ensure consistent good to outstanding lessons for pupils to achieve their full potential;
  6. To ensure rigorous financial management,  planning and control  in order to secure best use of the schools financial resources in terms of staffing levels and progression; SEN,EAL & Pupil Premium provision; teaching resources & staff training; good maintenance & development of schools premises & grounds;
  7. To develop and strengthen collaboration with the Parent community, the schools in the Infant and Junior Partnerships and with the Local Authority.